It’s common knowledge that job seekers today do their research on a company before they apply for a job vacancy.  They will see your organization’s job posting, Google your company and then learn about you.

Yes, your website is a great resource to tell them what your company does, the customers it serves, but it’s very focused on your potential customers to engage with you.  You want your potential employees to engage with your company based on the career opportunities you have.  And what better place to showcase that than on your website.

In addition to your website, they will also look at reviews about your company-so what other employees (current or past) have to say about what it’s like to work there.  These reviews come up in places like Glassdoor and even Indeed.  On both Glassdoor & Indeed, employers can have a Career page, which again is where job seekers will check your company out before applying.

So what does your Career page need?

Here is a checklist of the information that must be included in any of your Career pages:

  • About Us – a brief snapshot of your company, what you do, the products/services you provide, location, number of employees, industry, social media links (examples LinkedIn company page, Facebook page, Instagram etc.)
  • Why Work for you – this is the most important area on your Career page.  The same way you hook your ideal clients to buy from you, you need to hook potential job seekers to learn more about why they would want to work for your company.  This is where the rubber hits the road and where the better this section is, the more likely you will get top talent to apply to your jobs, but also get the right applicants to them.  Here is an example of TD Bank’s Indeed Career page, specifically their “why join us” section. You will notice here the use of videos to send out the message of why someone would want to work for them
  •  Reviews – now on sites like Indeed & Glassdoor it can be challenging to manage the negative reviews that come out.  However, there are times when you, the employer, can respond to those comments, and how you handle them will give your job seekers an inside look into the company.  Now one thing you can do is ask your existing employees to review your company on sites like Indeed & Glassdoor-a great way to be an ambassador of your company!
  • Job Openings – here you will want to have a list of current job openings, all hyperlinked to where candidates can directly apply.  This HAS to be made easy for job applicants because if after reading your career site, a job seeker wants to work for you, and it’s not easy to apply to your job, then they will quickly move on.  Think of it in the same way you make it very easy for clients to buy from you. That hyperlink can take them to your ad on Indeed or another online job board where you have posted the role

Feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start for your company’s Career page? We can help. Reach out via the information below.