Currently Working WIth

I work with a range of clients with successful results. Clients compliment me on:

  • My attention to detail to create thoughtful event experiences (Conferences, Women’s Networking Events etc)
  • How engaging and authentic I am communicating with my community (Both online through twitter resulting in regularly trending across Canada and at in-person at the events I host)
  • My wealth of experience working with clients to grow their social media following in a meaningful and engaging way
  • How impressed they are with our blogger outreach campaigns creating buzz and awareness around important and value socially based campaigns.


My niche: Is building strong and meaningful relationships with women. Oftentimes these women are also mothers – so ideal clients for me would be campaigns and business related to entrepreneurship, parenting, women’s lifestyle and travel.

Corporate Clients: I am hired by corporate clients to help them make meaningful connections with female influencers in Canada. That is my specialty and what I am known for.

Small Business Clients:  Calling on my expertise in Social Media and Community Building with a positive #SocialforGood angle I work with a variety of small to medium sized businesses.